Services We Offer

We serve several counties in Ohio – Ashland, Huron, Medina, Richland, Wayne, and Knox.

Lot Cleaning

We can cut down unwanted trees, chip up the brush, remove the wood, and grind out the stump to help maintain your lot.

Brush Hogging

Do you have Multiflora Rose, briars, small saplings? We can improve the value of your lot and make it more usable.

Shrub Removal

Are your shrubs getting too old? We can remove them, and you can use the area for a flowerbed or plant new shrubs.

Light Excavation

Do you have unwanted piles of dirt, stone, or a small hill in your yard? We can remove them.

Driveway Maintenance

Do you have pot holes in your driveway? Let us use our landscape rake to fill in potholes and level your driveway.